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Plumbing Services

At Brooks and Cryderman Ltd, we know that our plumbers can handle even the most complex of repairs. Our team works with:

Water pressure systems
Private wells
Blocked drains
Sump pumps
Water treatments
And more

We can help keep your plumbing systems in optimal conditioning, not only with repair services but also with preventative maintenance. Some of our services include:

Retrofitting bathrooms
Toilet replacement
Tap repairs
Camera inspections
Backflow prevention
Testing of backflow preventers


Our team can locate your buried well and extend it up above grade, modernizing it. This is important for the resale of your home. Prospective buyers are looking for things like this.

We install and service pumps, tanks and water pressure systems on private wells. If you have no water, leaks in the system, not enough pressure, too much pressure, or pumps running too frequently, call us. We can also help if you have a bad count from the Ministry of Health due to E. coli, chloroform or another impurity.

Updates and Remodels

Want to change out your bathroom fixtures? You can pick out the products you like, or we can make recommendations, and then once your selection has been made, we’ll begin replacing your old fixtures. We offer the same service for kitchen fixtures.

We will renovate your bathroom or kitchen and work on that new addition to your home.


If your drains are slow or blocked, we can fix them. We work with everything from small basin drains to main building drains out to the street. We have a drain camera for video recordings and inspections. Most municipalities legislate that the homeowner is responsible for the building drain to the street, so don’t buy that house in town until you inspect the building drain. It might give you some negotiation power, especially in an older home.

Insurance companies are cracking down on old drains and water lines. These old cast and galvanized lines are likely to leak and should be replaced. This is something we do regularly.

Sump Pumps

If your sump pump is acting up, randomly pumping or not pumping, we can fix it or replace it. The sump pump does an important job in most homes, protecting your basement from flooding. We can install an automatic battery powered pump that will kick in when your electric pump fails.

Frozen Pipes

If your plumbing pipes are frozen this winter, call us. We are experts at thawing well lines and septic tank lines as well as any water lines in your house.

If you need a pipe frozen to do a repair, because the water won’t stop running, we have a freeze unit to take care of that. If you want to replace your main shutoff for the house and the township can’t find or close off your street’s curb stop, we can freeze the building feed and make the repair.

Other Services

If you have an outside faucet that is leaking, drippy taps, a diverter for your shower that doesn’t work, a toilet that makes a funny noise when refilling, mysterious water that appears under the cupboard or a wet spot in the ceiling, we can fix it. We have the solution when you don’t have enough hot water, if your water is too hot, or if you have no hot water at all.

If your water smells bad, stains and corrodes or if it needs to be softened, we offer water treatment. We can even install a UV filtration system.

Septic tank trouble? We can locate and clear the blockage.

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